Navitel Navigator
: Custom Voices


Claire (WAV, included in the initial v3 release)

Ana (by Gisco Co. from Colombia)

Jason (by Jason & friends from Malta)

British voice (thanks to Amer from Pakistan)


Hugo (by Hugo Corbalan from Argentina)

John (by Gisco Co. from Colombia)

Silvina (by from Argentina)



Luciana (by Renato Felix de Almeida)


Nevena (by Nevena & friends from Bulgaria)


Greek voice (by Xaris Xarisiou from Greece)

Afrodite (TTS generated by Thanasis Mastoris from Greece)


Indonesian voice (by Akwang Wu from Indoinesia)

Installation instructions:
download the zip file, unzip it, then copy the resulting folder to:
\program files\CNT\Navitel Navigator\wav\ folder on your PDA.
- for version 3.5: select the voice pack under Navitel's menu >
settings > regional settings > voice > ...
- for version 3.2: select the voice pack under Navitel's menu > settings > other options > advanced > system > page 2 ... > voice pack.

Want to make similar voices yourself and share it with others? --
send us an e-mail and we'll reply with instructions on how to do it (it's quite simple actually).