Installation on Android OS

NOTE for the new version 3.5.0.
this version generates a new (33-digit) device-ID, therefore if you have a working internet connection on your smartphone then the re-activation process will be performed automatically).

1. Make sure that you have an Internet connection available on your device;

2. In the main menu press the "Market" icon, to open GoogleMarket;

3. On the GoogleMarket page use "Search", to find AppsInstaller;

4. Press "Install" and wait for the installation process to end;

5. Copy to your memory card the installation file Navitel-3.2.7.apk;

6. Insert the memory card into your device;

7. From the device's menu choose "Settings" -> "Applications" and put a checkmark on "Unknown sources".
This will allow the installation of Navitel Navigator to your device;

8. From the device's menu choose "Settings" -> "Location" and select the item "Enable GPS satellites".
This option will allow the device to use for getting a position lock both the main GSM-sources of signal
(base stations) and the much precise source
GPS satellites;

9. Launch AppsInstaller, then select the file Navitel-3.2.7.apk, in order to start the installation sequence of Navitel Navigator;

10. A warning will show up on the screen. Press "Wait". In the next windows select "Install"
and wait for the end of installation process


11. After the installation process ends, the screen will show an notification windows, where you can
select "
Open"to launch the application or "Done"to close.
Choose "Open", to start Navitel Navigator and go through the registration process;

12. In the registration windows please select  "Automatic registration" ("Автоматическая регистрация")
and enter the software license key
. The device must be connected to the Internet in order to
end the registration process successfully


Attention! If you uninstall the software, all the information will be deleted including the license key.
Hence, please make a backup of your license key before you install the software.

The maps stored on the memory card will not be deleted.